Sunday, 7 September 2014

L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paint - Review and Swatches

Hey Glamourose peeps! It's been over a month since my last post and I have a lot of stuff I wanted to share with you :) First is this LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint! I've seen a lot of good reviews and I got curious about this product, however I can't find any Canadian reseller online! It's probably at the Designer Cosmetic Shop but I'm sure the price will be more than double ( sucks to be in Canada sometimes :( ) Anyways, I found it at and their shipping charges are very reasonable. They sell it for $2.99 each but  if you buy a set of 6 shades  ( which was the original release - now they have 18 shades), you can get it for $15.99 and shipping to Canada is only $7+! I got the shades Coy, Bombshell, Hot Mess, Baby Doll, Blushing and Pin-Up.

Here are the swatches:
LA Girl Glazed Paint Blushing

LA Girl Glazed Paint Bombshell
LA Girl Glazed Paint Coy
LA Girl Glazed Paint Hot Mess
Hot Mess
LA Girl Glazed Paint Baby Doll
Baby Doll
LA Girl Glazed Paint Pin-Up

My favorite is the shade Blushing - it's like a nude pink brown. Sorry the pictures does not do justice to the actual color :( Bombshell is Fuchsia, Coy is Purple, Hot Mess is Orange, Pin-Up is Red and baby Doll is Barbie Pink. All these shades are very opaque and pigmented. I used a lip brush to apply to kinda lighten it up, otherwise it will be very intense. It has a minty feel when you apply it  due to the peppermint oil but it does not feel dry even after hours of wear and no sticky feeling. It also has a long wear time and fades nicely. I would say it lasted about 3-4 hours on me, even after drinking and eating.

I really love this product and for the price I can honestly say, you get more than what you paid for! This is definitely a good buy for me! I hope to get more.... soon! :) 


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