Sunday, 25 May 2014

NARS / Shiseido Warehouse Sale Spring 2014 Haul

So I went to the NARS sale yesterday ( Saturday) and after reading previous posts and asking pixelbunny about the best time to go there, I decided to go in the afternoon. I arrived at 1pm, there were about 10 people in the line and in less than 5 minutes I was inside! It was not as chaotic as some people had experienced so I was very pleased :) I went there with a goal, just get NARS products and stick to my budget! I'm proud to say I was able to do it! Woo Hoo!!

Here's an overview of what I got:
The Shiseido products are from the Gift bag that you can purchase at the cashier. They increased the price to $20 as they added a foundation refill and a concealer to the usual 6 pcs of eyeshadows, which is still good I guess..

Here's the details of what I got and their price:

Sheer Matte Foundation in Tahoe - $15 ( reg $ 55)
The Multiple in Maldives - $15 (reg $ 46)
Concealer in Ginger - $10 (reg $ 28)
Lip Gloss in Dolce Vita - $ 10 ( reg $29)
Lipstick in Tutti Frutti - $10 ( reg $30)
Eyeshadow Duo in Paramaribo - $10 (reg $ 39)

SHISEIDO - Gift Bag - All for $20!
4 x Simmering Cream Eyecolor in Black, Moss Green, Lime Green and Gold ( reg $30 each!)
1 x Hydro Powder Eyeshadow in Tiger Eye ( Copper - peach orange) (reg $25)
Perfect Smoothing Compact Refill in Natural Fair Ivory ( reg $ 36 )
Concealer in Light Enhancer ( reg $ 25 )

Here's the fun part, the swatches :)

The first 2 from left are the NARS Duo then the rest are Shiseido

Here's another view, bottom 2 are the NARS Duo

From L-R: Dolce Vita, Tutti Frutti, NARS Ginger Concealer, Multiple in Maldives and Shiseido Concealer

I must say the Tutti Frutti lipstick and Dolce Vita lipgloss are a match made in heaven! They are so perfect together, its the perfect pink brown color! All the eyshadows are great too. I purposely didn't get a lot of NARS eyeshadows coz I know I'm getting the eyehadow gift bag from Shiseido, and I'm not disappointed at all the colors I got. I will definitely use them all! The Multiple in Maldives is so gorgeous,its definitely perfect for summer!

One thing I noticed though is that the foundation and concealer shades are mostly for medium to dark skin tones. The lightest I found for the foundation is Tahoe, which is med-dark. I wanted to get Custard for concealer but they were already out so I got Ginger, which is almost my skin tone. Maybe they were sold out during the VIP sale?? They also have a sign about the NARS gift bag for $20 but the were already sold out :(

If you missed this spring sale, next one is in the fall, watch out for the announcement. In the meantime, you may want to head out to the MAC / Estee Lauder Sale on June 6-8. It's by invitation only and I still have a few tickets to give away, just follow my blog and like my facebook page and send me a message. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! :)

Until then...

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

FREE MAC / Estee Lauder Warehouse Sale Tickets- June 6-8 2014

If you are reading this post, you probably know about the quarterly warehouse sale at Markham Fairgrounds of MAC/ Estee Lauder and all the other brands under it like Michael Kors, Coach, Clinique, Origins, Smashbox to name a few. And you probably want to know how to get free tickets for this event! I have seen a lot of people selling these tickets as much as $20 each on Kijiji! No matter how tempting it is to sell my tickets, I can't do so coz I got it for FREE! Estee Lauder usually mails me 15 tickets  ( 5 on each day of the sale) , so it would have been $300 in my pocket to use on this sale! From one make-up junkie to another, all I wanted is to share all the good finds I come across with and hopefully I could help make-up fanatics like me who does not want to break a bank to feed our obsessions! LOL

So friends, if you would like to get the free ticket just subscribe to my blog AND like my Facebook page , leave me a message and I will contact you if I still have available tickets for you! Once you are in my circle you will definitely be informed when the next sale is and have a chance to get the tickets! :)

This weekend is the NARS / Shiseido Warehouse Sale, so make-up junkies see you there!